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My biography

Tea Heřmánková, MBA, Ph.D.

Author of the web site, lecturer in ayurvedic anti-stress techniques, numerologist, member of the Central Bohemian Association of Businesswomen and Women Managers, member of the Wise Business Women project, graduate of the programme Mothers, don´t be afraid of doing business and a host of the OTTO BLANC Business & Social Club.

I was born in Brno, but I have been living in Prague for more than 20 years. I have been interested in numbers and mathematics since my childhood and they have accompanied me for my entire life. When I was young, I did a lot of sport - in 1988, I reached 7th place at the World Rowing Championship - I had to choose between studies and a professional sport career, I chose studies.

Because I like to work with numbers, I studied at the Faculty of Economics in Prague. During my studies, I had a part-time job in a bank where I gained my first valuable knowledge of the financial business. After my first working experience in Czech banks and in the developer company I left for the USA, where I took part in a six-week study programme with English lessons. I wanted to gain experience from abroad, so I immediately started to look for a job. I managed to get a job in a brokerage company in Boston. It wasn´t anything easy. The work of a broker is exhausting, but I knew that only hard work could bring success. I even passed the American broker examination. The work with numbers and finance helped me to get my dream job in Wall Street in New York, where I spent four hectic years. The conditions and salary were not very good for foreigners, only work, work and more work.

But I wanted to get back home. I always knew that the work practice in the USA would only be experience for me and that I wanted to live and work in the Czech Republic. Moreover, the work of a broker in Wall Street is so exhausting that one can stay in this machinery for ca. four years and after that it is necessary to leave. And this is what I did. I went back home after the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in  2001. With rich experience from the American financial industry I decided to enhance my education at home. I finished my docotrate at the Faculty of Economics and started to do business in  real estate, mainly with foreign clients. As a consequence of the financial crisis, I found myself at the crossroads of my life. When my American partners, at the beginning of the world financial crisis, stepped back from the project of the Boston University in Prague where I organised seminars for foreigners, it was a breakpoint in my life.

From the time of my American studies and work as a financial consultant in Wall Street I hadn´t  slowed down. I was working from morning until evening, I was creating financial reserves and creative plans, I was managing the daily operation of educational courses and solving financial and personnel problems. But suddenly I felt without energy, without enthusiasm, without initiative. Professionals would call it burn-out.

Although I was sucessful and financially secure I had no satisfaction from life. I didn´t feel "normal" happiness. I realised that accumulation of material goods and career building weren´t bringing me full satisfaction. I was exhausted, I slept badly, I suffered from depressions. Firstly, I sought help from western medicine. You know how it works. Sleeping pills, constantly visiting the doctor. But nothing helped me. So I tried spiritual medicine which is practiced by eastern healers. I got to know the Ayurvedic anti-stress techniques. And it helped me.

I did a course of Ayurvedic technique in Sri Lanka and many seminars in Germany and England. I read a lot of books about this topic. Now that I am a lecturer and have hundreds of satisfied clients from home and abroad, I feel happy. And again, I got back to my loved numbers and their relations.

Numerology is an ancient science which was developed by the mathematician Pythagoras from Egypt 3,500 years ago. It has been my hobby for a long time. Once I received an e-mail with numerological dating. However, it was very primitive and there was only very little numerology. That´s why I began to work with two students from the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics on a new system, which would make better use of numerology in order to reveal suitable relations among people. We created a professional Dating Agency, the calculation systems of which could become a standard when meeting people. The new Dating Agency came into the world in 2011. I called this new method Ella.

The new system of relationship analysis helped me to create various horoscopes which can recognize not only the personal qualities and relations to others, but also predict problems in working relations. I tried the new system on myself. I had suffered from bad relations with my parents for a long time and numerology helped me to reveal the merit of these problems.

I am happy that I could help many people thanks to the knowledge of the mystery of numerology. People mostly have problems with mutual relationships. The possibility to choose the right partner or to build the right working team is very important in life, maybe the most important. I learned it on my own.

So what can I say in conclusion? I have always believed in numbers and numerology. Believe them and you will see how your life will change for the better.

Tea Heřmánková