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What is the Ella method?

Numerology, astrology and the study of the Tarot are endowed with the ancient knowledge of human nature, the mutual relations that cause people to either attract each other, repel each other or be neutral to each other. We took as a basis the date of birth and applied to it the predictive knowledge of these sciences. We have compiled a mathematical formula that allows us to compare these predictions of fates and create pairs with varying degrees of attractiveness and mutual compatibility. That is how the Ella method came into existence and it compares and creates pairs of people who are potentially suited to each other. It is a method of human compatibility. Our relationship horoscopes or Ellascopes are not predictions of fates for the given moment, but are part of a sophisticated system that uses mutual comparison of personality traits. Ellascopes are actually predictions of future relationships. The whole system is verified by years of experience and has been tested for more than 10 years before it was put on the website. Our Ellascopes are horoscopes for the 3rd millennium - combining modern mathematical methods with ancient wisdom. 

Why this method is called Ella?

  1. The name Ella has a positive charge for us. Ella is also an abbreviation that metaphorically expresses the essence of our method - Effective, Loving and Logical Aspects. 
  2. According to the numerological analysis the name Ella is suitable for activities associated with dating, building friendships, working in the service industry, supporting alternative ideas and the development of a healthy lifestyle. It is appropriate for activities related to finding answers to the questions that scientists and doctors do not know how to deal with.
  3. The name Ella is also used by the founder of the website Tea Heřmánková for international communication due to the simplicity and international nature of the name.