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About numerology - for partner relationships

Numerology is a science of numbers and one of the oldest sciences. All ancient developed cultures were involved in explaining numbers. Numerology was used ca. 4000 years before Christ, however it was in hands of priests and holy persons. Numerology is based on the knowledge that the whole of life is governed by rhythm. All rhythms are regularly repeated and a permanent cycle of life is created. Numerology is based on the Jewish Kabbalah and decimal system with the main number 10, which was developed by Pythagoras (born 570 BC). Pythagoras was not only a mathematician, but also a philosopher, astronomer and astrologer. He studied the magic of numbers in Egypt. He used numbers and their characteristics not only on a material level, but he also connected them with mental and cosmic circumstances and showed the connection between numbers and people´s destiny.

Numerology accompanies us from when we are born

Numerology, as well as astrology, reveal our character, abilities, life purpose and destiny through our dates of birth, names and surnames. Therefore, it is important to choose a baby name that matches his/her surname and date of birth and supports the person in life situations rather than being a brake on them. If we know their abilities and qualities soon enough due to numerological-astrological analysis, we can prevent our child from devoting their time to hobbies, schools and courses that are beyond their abilities and that they don't like. Instead, we can gradually guide them to fulfill their roles.

Numerology specifies the theme of our life for us and shows us the targets that we should follow. Numerology helps us to become knowledgeable about ourselves so that we can have good guidance in our lives. It introduces us to the rhythms of our personal cycles and fluctuations - and then we have to decide whether we will act in accordance with them or go against the order. Number has its own shape and its own energy and it specifies duration.

Numerology helps us to build good relationships

By numerological analysis of a partnership we can find out what the relationship will be like - harmonious or burdensome. This analysis can be used for any type of relationship: marriage, friendship, family and work relationships. Partnerships are some of the most important. The more numbers that are in-line in a relationship, the more the partners fit together. If there are no matching numbers, both partners then have to invest a lot of time in the relationship and a lot of energy to make it work.

Numerology shows us what we can learn from our own mistakes. What better way to face up to our destiny and not make excuses for it? The first step in solving the problem is always knowledge. Laments such as “if I was born a day early, today I could be the boss of a bank and not just an ordinary official” do not lead to solutions. Each of us has a lot of ideas and desires for how to achieve happiness in life. Being successful and happy is possible only if we have enough strength and confidence, and if we know ourselves well, including our skills and abilities. Then we have a great chance to make decisions about our lives and future and therefore a greater opportunity to break through. 

With knowledge we look into our psyche and hidden currents of our consciousness that are affected by numbers or groups of numbers and also the planets. With this knowledge, we can assess what energy will influence us in a given year, month or day, and how we will perceive them and react to them. In this way we can in advance avoid unpleasant experiences, making poor decisions or experiencing unnecessary stress and exhaustion. Our horoscope will be favourable or unfavourable.

With numerology we can learn how to deal with our abilities

Numerology is a science that leads to very accurate results. Do not forget that we choose life circumstances and people before our birth as a test of maturity. Energy from the outside always affects us, whether we accept or suppress it, but thanks to numerology calculations we can prepare for it. Then we are free to choose the most appropriate way to develop ourselves harmoniously and happily instead of being inconvenienced, and in this way we can fulfill our life's purpose. It is now when we are surrounded by the numbers.

Each of us is equipped for life differently. We have a different horoscope and for this reason we should learn how to deal with our characteristics and abilities. Sometimes it can be difficult to develop them, but we have more chance of succeeding than if we think and speculate about other activities that we should deal with.

Tea Heřmánková