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Effects of Relationships

Bad relationship with a partner and how to avoid it

If it isn‘t working in the partnership, you should think about the value of your relationship. It is important that partner relationships are full of confidence, love and understanding. Do you often have a different opinion from your partner often not understand each other? And what´s more, you are afraid of admitting that you simply made a mistake. He/she is not the right one.

Meeting the right partner is very important for your life. If there is a lot of misunderstanding between you and your partner as well as indifference or jealousy, it´s not good. We advise you to do something about it. What can the Dating Agency bring to you? Your life will pass very quickly and you spent it with someone who makes your life sour or, in the best instance, you are indifferent to each other. Both are wrong. You are afraid of meeting someone. Life with someone who is not suitable for you is harming you. You always have the feeling that you are someone else, that it´s not you.

The choice of an unsuitable life partner influences you more and more. What does it influence?

Your work

Bad relationships with a partner have an influence on your professional development. For example you are looking for a new job and your partner should help you in a difficult situation. But he/she doesn´t care. And this is not a motivation for you.

Your health

Scientists have found that people who live in an non-functional relation tend more to heart diseases and cancer. This is caused by the stress to which people having a bad relationship with a partner are exposed. You are not interested in your health, in the culture of the body and soul when your partner doesn´t care about you. Who are you supposed to live for?

Your Finances

You know this situation. You have arguments about common money. What to invest in, where to save money? Any agreement is impossible. When you start a discussion about money, it usually ends up with a quarrel, or in the best instance, in indifference. It´s as if two strangers were speaking together. And looking after investments is usually a long term business for both partners. Here, the partnership relations are not working well.

Our relations with other people

Do you also have a feeling that you partner manipulates you? It´s nothing unusual. The partner is jealous of every acquaintance, of your friends. And how does it end up? You see your friends from the past less and less. You are afraid of meeting people, because your partner obstructs it. And you are loosing willingness and motivation. You meet someone from your work in the street and want to have a chat, but you see the clear reluctance of your partner so you stop. You feel more and more lonely. You had good relationships with your parents, but because of your partner´s behaviour you are becoming enstranged from each other. The first conflicts arise.

You have your life in your hands. Change it.

Do you really want to live your life fully? Do you want to have good relationships with your partner? Then you have to think about whether your partner is the right one. And even if you are married! It´s only you who has your life in their hands. There is the Dating Agency. And you can change your life. You have to meet a partner who gives sense to your life.