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Letters from users

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January 4, 2013 Marie-Gabriela

I found my new “interim friend” without using your Dating Agency, but that does not mean I did not like your website. On the contrary. I exchanged a few letters with potential partners, but it did not work. However, I think that your Dating Agency is a great benefit for single people who believe in horoscopes and fateful omens. Thank you for organising such a way to meet people. Keep it going.

Responding to Newsletters

  • Thank you. You put me in the mood. Žofie, September 15, 2012
  • Thank you. Have a nice day, I suggest you keep doing that, August 23, 2012, Honza Ulc
  • Thanks, I look forward to more. J. August 20, 2012, Kal Jindřich
  • Thanks for posting. Marlen, 20 August 2012 
  • I am sorry, I clicked by mistake that I do not want to receive emails, please keep sending them them. Thank you J., August 20, 2012, Jarunkay
  • Very good, Alena B. August 19, 2012

September 20, 2012 Vladimíra C.

II wanted to tell you that thanks to your wonderful Dating Agency I have found a man who is a reward for the time that had to pass before we met... and yes there are no coincidences, so THANK YOU! 
I wish you great success in your work and mission.
September 12, 2012 Helena B.

Thanks to your Dating Agency I have found an awesome boyfriend. Thank you, you are amazing.
Helena B.

Visitor Anna

Have a nice day!

Thank you so much for your advice and tips on what and how I should change. I was slowly losing hope that I could find the right man. Thanks to your analysis, I moved on, which helped me to find my faults and realise what my way is… I have never believed in “the numbers” but I was surprised how much they are true - those calculations and the corresponding assumptions about me.

Thank you again!

Anna from Pardubice

Visitor Martin "Ká"

Hello Teo,
The internet is a great place that gives rise to many websites/services. I have just visited various dating agencies, even numerological ones... and I wanted to write to tell you that I like how the website works, not full of advertising and not trying to pair me off with “everybody”, rather being all about numerology and the numbers. I studied the maths and the numbers are close to me, that is why I had more confidence in this website than in any other... and surprisingly (for me the mathematics), the numerological calculations revealed to me a lot as if they were looking through my past. So thanks for your website and for the opportunity to meet new people that are destined to be with me by fate :) 
May your life be happy,
Martin "Ká"
Email from Petr Nováček
I send you best wishes!

Thank you again for all your recommendations! I have downloaded The Secret movie and as I think about my current life more and more it seems to me that what is happening in the movie is in some ways very similar to my life and my way of thinking, and also when I think of something I do not like or want I experience exactly the thing that I do not want and it's getting to be on a larger scale, similar to how it is fleshed out in the movie Secret! Can this be a mere coincidence? Hardly. And so it forces me to play the movie again and again and still learn more to think positively and to attract good things into my life! I find it hard to believe it can be easy and simple! And also when I am looking for someone on the internet who I want to meet, I keep attracting the same people so much and I really don't want to attract them! But I understood it correctly based on the movie! My focus is still on what I do not want and not what I do want! This is a big problem for me to break away from and I am sure that is definitely the very root of my problem why I cannot establish a new prospective relationship even after 7 years! Do you also think that is the main problem? So how to get out of this? I decided to work on myself according to the movie while meditating on positive thoughts! One might ask what guarantee do I have that this will work. The only guarantee is our faith! The movie has a lot of power packed inside it and can spread this kind of energy! Thank you very much for this information that you gave me because it helped me a lot!
Have a very nice day, I wish you luck.
Petr Novacek