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Seven basic parameters

For the purpose of personal analysis and to be able to create a horoscope and use it for example in the section Dating Agency, we need to know seven main details about you. All of them characterize you in a certain manner and predict your chance for quality partnership relations and for finding the right partner. Some information and characteristics are essential for our analysis, some of them are ony additional.

How many times has your soul been in the world

You learn how many times your soul has been in the world. Here is how it works - you know your tasks which you have to learn in your life before you come to the world. You even choose your parents and you know what you are coming in. At the moment of your birth, you go through a gate of forgetting and you forget all. People whose soul has a similar amount of experience from this world are ideal for a quality partnership. In the partnership, this element is shown in communication. If for example the man´s soul has already been in this world thirty times and the woman´s soul only seven times, it is almost impossible for them to get along well. It always depends on the partner who is on a higher level, whose soul has been in this world more times. On this partner depends, if he/she is willing to step down to the communication level of a partner who has been on this planet fewer times. Our subconsciousness remembers the experience from previous lives whereas our consciousness does not. So for an ideal partnership, the woman should be two levels higher than a man. If the difference between the partners is up to 10 „lives“, it is good that the communication between them works. If the difference is greater than 10 „lives“ – the communication for long-term partnership will be very difficult. We do not say that it will be impossible, but it depends on how strict the parents of one of the partners were or how many negative blocks you bring into the relationship. In general, the stricter parents you have, the more blocks and difficulties you have in life. This can be solved in various therapies and deblocking.

Tarot gates

You learn to which „soul gate" you belong. If you, for example, belong to the group of souls which have to be cleansed, because they did not fulfil their task in the previous life and have to live this life again, you will have tougher conditions. The purpose is to enable the soul to fulfil its task this time. The more difficult conditions you have in your life, the more you suffer and the more you learn. Such a soul belongs to the group of new thinking, to a group of people who will be very important for the future of our planet. For a good partnership, it is important that partners belong to the same group, but to a different „subgroup“. And this is what we will tell you.

KIGAKU - five elements of the planet Earth

You learn which „element“ you are. Our Earth consists of five elements - water, wood, fire, Earth and metal. Everything on the Earth consists of these elements. We tell you which element you are and what this means for your. We tell you which job is suitable for you at most and what main characteristics and qualifications you have. We will tell you what the ideal group of your partner is.

Animal according to Chinese astrology

You learn which animal you are in Chinese astrology. You will learn which animal is most suitable for you, which not and which is neutral. And also the main characteristics of this animal.

Signs according to classical astrology

You learn your sign according to classical astrology. This won´t be anything new for you, but we need to analyse this information as it will have impact on the total average.

Eye colour

You will tell us your eye colour. This is only additional information for your potential partner.

Your place of living

Other information will be your place of living. The dating agency choose the suitable partners who are close to you place of living. From our experience we know that only few people are ready to move.

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