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Mental Hygiene Course (Lesson of Ayurvedic technique for managing the stress)!

Do you want to learn how to better manage stress, emotions and damaging - toxic surrounding influences that have effect on you? We will teach you this technique on a course of mental hygiene. You will know how to raise your personal vibration and facilitate a meeting with the new “better” partner, if you are looking for someone like that. New mental techniques can help you in business or at work, you will be more successful financially with less effort. You will have more chances to simply increase your income. The course of mental hygiene can help you improve mental health and start your self healing processes in the body. With the new knowledge you can eliminate problems with falling asleep, improve sleep and gradually tweak intuition for better and more efficient decision-making in all aspects of your life.
The course is intended for “normal” people who have no experience with spiritual practices so far. But it is very useful for the present time, which burdens us with different artificial chemicals. With properly chosen and practiced mental hygiene you will live better, work better and make better decisions.
Mental hygiene or psychohygiene is the science of how to protect and strengthen mental health and how to increase resistance to a variety of influences. It teaches us how to prevent mental health problems. If you are already suffering from them, it teaches us how to best deal with them. Thanks to psychohygiene your life will seem easier and more enjoyable. At this hectic time, which is also full of chemicals at every step, it is needed to know and use these techniques. It cleans our karma, or it transforms our destiny into better one. It also cleans the family karma (family burden, which we have already taken over several rows of our ancestors and we carry it to our lives). This negative karma then may not be “vented” as much on health, finances, relationships, etc. Ayurvedic remedial stay is also really great.
Within the Mental Hygiene Course you will learn, among others, Ayurvedic technique for managing the stress (the price of individual lessons is 3999 CZK), and other techniques that will help you in everyday life effectively manage work, family and fun. The price of a half-day course, which also includes the Ayurvedic technique for managing the stress costs 80,- euros. Number of participants is limited to 2-5 people, so book a place in advance at:

Lecturer Tea Heřmánková, MBA, Ph.D.