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Numerological consultation

Are you at a crossroads in your life and you need help? Or do you just want to understand yourself and your life? Do you have difficulties in partner relationships and are unable to solve your problems at work with a view from above? Or do you want only support for your decision? Do you want to get rid of your health problems and to sleep better? We provide you with advice. We draw from experience which has been verified by the masters of various techniques and philosophies. We have taken part in seminars and courses around the world. We are able to find the crux of your problems within its rich literature. Use our services.

How we can help you, what we can offer

  • Dating agency - for building a successful relationship we set correctly the user's profile, create an appropriate advertisement and advise you on how to communicate properly (personal or skype consultation)
  • Numerological help with solving family relations, selection of partners and employees
  • Healthy lifestyle according to Ayurveda
  • Healing, aura and chakra cleansing
  • Problems with getting to sleep and sleeping
  • Feng-shui counselling and Stapatya Veda
  • Do you want to conceive a girl or a boy? Do you have problems getting pregnant?
  • We reduce or eliminate your psychical suffering
  • How to handle depression
  • Transfer of Deeksha
  • We advice you how to cook healthy
  • How to raise a peaceful, balanced, happy and well-sleeping child
  • Overweight, high cholesterol and high blood pressure
  • Unblocking of various problems and psychic blocks
  • Ho’oponopno technique

How the numerology can help you during consultations?

With the help of numerology we will bring you to get to know yourself in order to be able to understand yourself and your environment more easily.  We help you to get a clearer picture of the situation and roles of individual people. If you understand individual relations better, it will facilitate your thinking and behaviour and improve your relations within your environment. You won´t make so many mistakes anymore!

The numerological analyses comprises of the following: 

  • Classical numerological analysis of the personality
  • Classic numerological analysis
  • Analysis of date of birth of your partner or other people (as well as animals)
  • Possibility to analyse the house and phone number
  • Introduction into the meaning of the date o birth
  • Information on personal characteristics, talents and life number
  • Showing the way to a happier life

Practical information

  • Price for consultation is 890 CZK / 50 minutes
  • You can make an appointment via email:
  • Instruction can be given in English
  • Consultations take place in a house in the eastern outskirts of Prague; if the client wishes instruction can be given via Skype.

Tea Heřmánková