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A few tips on how to get along with people

Do you often feel that no one understands or likes you? Do you find fault mainly in others? This is exactly the moment when you should think about whether it is not you who has a problem communicating with others. In life nothing is easy. If you want to get on well with others, you must do something about it. Then others will be happy within your environment.

Do you want to do something about it? Try our tips.

  • Be interested in others. What they like to do, find out information about their job or school. We all like to talk first about ourselves, about our problems. You must be a good listener, you will see that other people appreciate it. Remember the old saying that is true for men as well as for women: Talk to a man about himself and he will listen for hours.
  • Try not to criticize. The one who is being criticized automatically puts himself in a defensive position, trying to defend himself and suddenly an altercation arises. Try to empathize with the other´s feelings instead of an argument. Try to understand him, he will in turn understand you.
  • Do not force others to action that you want. Make them think it was their idea to do it. Ask the question: How can I motivate my friend?
  • Treat others as you would want them to treat you. It is a known rule, but almost nobody follows it. Be nice to people, listen to them, they will return the favour.
  • Do not forget to praise. We more often draw attention to the things that we do not like. We forget to praise, yet it is far more motivating. Only few things warm the heart as much as praise.
  • Pay attention to greetings. Saying hello is important! Although it is a formality, it is the first contact. Try to call others by their first name. People like it if you remember their name. They will just feel more important and have more confidence in you.
  • Smile. If we smile at other people, we show that we are glad to see them. And that we are in a good mood too. This behaviour has a positive influence on our environment.