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Lessons of Ayurvedic technique for managing the stress

Teaching of the practises of Mental Hygiene

How to handle stress - teaching of ayurvedic anti-stress techniques

You haven´t had any problems with stress, but suddenly you observe its typical symptoms? Do you sleep badly, is your cholesterol increasing and your work performance not as good as it used to be? Are you unable to concentrate? Stress complicates your life. You need to know how to handle stress. You don´t want to use medicaments, you think that there are also different ways. And you are right. There are really different ways how to handle stress.

One of them are Ayurvedic anti-stress techniques. They have their origin in India and Sri Lanka and ensure you a deep rest, body relaxation and they calm your mind. They represent an answer how to handle stress. The biggest advantage of this techniques is the fact that it  requires practically  no effort. It is not based on the art of concentration or imagination. Everybody can learn it, because it´s easy. Stress will become a thing of the past for you.

Regular practice of Ayurvedic anti-stress techniques brings the following improvements

  • Improvement of sport and work performance
  • Loosing weight and maintaining of the ideal weight
  • Slowing down the aging process, firming of skin, loosing of wrinkles
  • Decrease in cholesterol level
  • Decrease of high blood pressure
  • Elimination of problems with sleep and getting asleep
  • Getting more energy, improvement of memory and intelligence
  • Stregthening of immune system
  • Psychical comfort
  • Starting the self-healing process of the body
  • Better fight against various addictions (smoking and others)
  • Help with depression, anxiety and nervosity
  • Improvement of interpersonal relationships
  • Karma cleansing (it cleanses the fatal burden and your life begins automatically to improve in all aspects.)

Ayurvedic techniqes and meditation were also known to the most famous music group, The Beatles

The most famous teacher of the Ayurvedic anti-stress technique was Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who took up this technique from his predecessors, improved it and helped to make it popular. Among his students in the 1970s were, for example, the members of the most famous music group, The Beatles, and guitarist George Harrison practiced it during his whole life. In this case, stress and its control didn´t play the central role, the main reason was finding new creative possibilities. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi became the founder of Transcendental meditation, which is 90 percent the same as the Ayurvedic anti-stress techniques and it became popular throughout the whole world

Why are the Ayurvedic anti-stress techniques so helpful

  • They solve problems with emotions, you can have them under control (quick temper, explosiveness, excitability)
  • They reinforce self-decision feelings and realization that we can better fight our addictions
  • The exercise is pleasant and you don´t need to force yourself
  • Your understanding of the world changes, you don´t take everything so personally
  • We don´t suffer from injustices from the past
  • We get rid of fears from the future
  • The techniques are easy to learn

Learn the Ayurvedic anti-stress techniques. It´s a lifelong investment.

The knowledge of this technique will change your life for the better. You won´t ask anymore: How to handle stress. You will know it and stress won´t bother you. Ayurvedic meditations are very easy, it´s like listening to your favourite songs. The Ayurvedic anti-stress techniques are divided into technique A and a more advanced technique B. Before you learn the advanced technique B it is necessary to master technique A and to practise it for at least one year.

By getting to know our body and our mind we easily get to know ourselves

The lessons of the Ayourvedic anti-stress technique are enriched by breathing practices for the normal days which are also called practices of the Breath of Victory. Part of these skills is also a very old technique, Opening of the inner ear, which enables us to hear the so-called cosmic sounds of truth or soft sounds of Sruti (these are known as the healing music of “Vedas“ ( Vedas = the truths of life)).  When you learn the Ayurvedic anti-stress techniques, a new horizon opens for you. You master the next step in self-knowledge or the technique of Awakening known as Vipassana. It is sometimes called the Technique of inner entirety or Technique of inner integrity. It means the knowledge to intutively feel the main characteristics of the existence, i.e. changeability, dissatisfaction and impersonnality of physical and mental aspects. The highest level of the art of feelings is Buddhism, so-called nirvana, i.e. liberation.

I was so impressed by the healing effects that I decided to teach this technique

I learned the Ayurvedic anti-stress techniques in Sri Lanka from Bhagy Harsh Fernand, who was a direct student of Maharish Maheshe Yogi. I learned not only how to handle stress, but also many other techniques of this teaching which contribute to the improvement in the quality of life. With this technique, we are able to heal psychical problems and problems with emotions (which we do not have fully under control) and the health problems of the body. I was so inspired by this technique and its immense healing effects that I asked the Master if I could teach this technique. He agreed with further weeks of training and studying. He taught me so much that I am capable of bringing this techniqe to others. However, it took two and a half years of self-study and meditation before I dared.

Srí Bhagya Harsha Fernando was of a very old age when I met him. He lived in seclusion and  taught his students only exceptionally. I was fortunate in that he was recommended to me by local people from Sri Lanka. He was not interested in publicity so you probably won´t find him on the Internet, but he had the unusual gift of bringing his knowledge to others. He died several years after we met. I thank him very much for my knowledge of Ayurvedic anti-stress techniques.

Some of the European students of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi founded an international organisation of Transcendental Meditaion which is well-known throughout the world. They try to introduce meditation into schools and have been successful in the prevention of crime. It has been proven that where people practise transcendental meditation, crime has decreased. This organisation takes care that the precise teaching rules are followed and allows teaching only to organised members. Many of the students of Maharish Mahesh Yogi who learned this techniques before the organisation was founded refused to become members of this organisation, because of the strict and orthodox supervision over this teaching and high prices (even though this is a non-profit organisation). In the Czech Republic, for example, the price for lessons of Transcendental meditation is ca CZK 20,000 and abroad even more.

Learn the Ayurvedic anti-stress techniques. You will see how your life will change.

The learning of Ayurvedic techniques is an important step mainly for those who want to fight stress and anxieties and who want to have their emotions under control, but mainly for the improvement of the whole life and its quality (when we practise this technique, we cleanse the Karma and Fatal (genetic) burden is being cleansed and your life begins to improve in all aspects). When practising it over two to three months your aura will be so strong that you won´t be exposed to changes in emotions and stress will recede. You will feel very happy even after the first days. Isn´t it an amazing idea? It is good to supplement the exercise with Ayurvedic remedial stay

Practical information – Ayurvedic anti-stress technique A (includes also the technique Awakening – Inner integrity (Vipassana), breathing techniques – the Breath of Victory and the technique of the Opening of the inner ear for the melting of Karma – fatal and genetic burden)

  • The lessons are individual and take ca three hours
  • When necessary there can be up to two free meetings (each of 40 minutes)
  • The price is 3.990 CZK
  • Orders to:
  • Lessons can also be taken in English
  • Consultations take place in a house in an eastern suburb of Prague, lessons via Skype are also possible upon request.

Practical information – Ayurvedic anti-stress technique B (this is a more advanced technique which is taught after technique A and one year practice)

  • The lessons are individual and take ca three hours
  • When necessary there can be up to two free meetings (each of 40 minutes)
  • The price is 3.990 CZK
  • Orders to:
  • Lessons can also be taken in English
  • Consultations take place in a house in an eastern suburb of Prague, lessons via Skype are also possible upon request.