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Guide to Dating Agency


20 tips on how to quickly and efficiently meet somebody in the Dating Agency

1. There is no need to register. First, see how many people of a similar age and required parameters are in our database. On the homepage, select Find a Partner and enter the required parameters. If you are satisfied with the offer, register for free. You become part of a Dating agency and you can view all users. It's for free.

2. Sign up.

3. Create your profile as detailed as possible. You also want to know as much information as possible about a potential partner. If you provide about yourself as much detail as possible and insert your photo, you can greatly improve your chances of meeting someone. You also can insert an ad into your profile for free (see section 5), for which you must normally pay at other dating sites. 

4. Insert your photo. By this you emphasize that you are a serious candidate and do not want to conceal anything. Users without photos have significantly less chance. It is not allowed to upload various pictures or rude pictures. If we reveal such a profile, we delete it without compensation.

5. Insert an advertisement where you briefly write what or who you are looking for and what you offer or what you are. Many of you are writing in the text: I am searching... but you just wasting your time. The ideal is to write into an ad what you are and what others should know about you. In the second part you should briefly describe your ideal partner. How you imagine him, what he should look like, including character and mental characteristics. If you insert some interesting and clear information into an advertisement, you improve your chances of meeting someone quickly and successfully.

6. Look carefully at the list of users. A new feature is that you can see for free the total percentage of the suitability of potential partners. At the beginning of the database there are users who have logged into the site recently or are currently online. At the end of the database are users who have logged into the site some time ago. However, it is not related to the date of registration. Even those who have been registered for a long time may be at the beginning of the database if they have recently signed into the website. It is a sign that they visit this website very often.

7. If you are interested in any users, you can send them a message. However, you need to activate a Premium dating agency. 

8. If you want to take advantage of our unique method Ella designed to compare potential pairs, activate a Premium dating agency. You can thus minimize the number of required meetings because you will reach partners with a high percentage of mutual suitability. You will thus increase your chances of meeting someone. For example, you will receive a detailed comparison of the potential relationship with selected partners, mutual personal horoscopes and other useful features.  Such benefits cannot be found anywhere. 

9. View detailed profiles of selected users and mutual percentage.

10. Write to at least 30 of them. Write something about yourself and ask about things that you are interested about in each other. Do not rush with the personal contact, first collect the relevant information.

11. If the photo is missing in the menu, ask for it. Without exchanging photos do not go to the meeting.

12. If you found a user who suits you more than 60%, is likeable, you begin to understand each other and are from a reachable region, suggest a personal meeting with him/her. We recommend users, who have already experienced several failed relationships, to get in touch with other users with the overall suitability of around 70-80%. Relationships with the suitability of 90-100% are very unlikely, so don't bet on them, and don't wait.

13. If the first meeting goes well, suggest another meeting. Choose an environment where you can get to know each other - on walks, during sports or some fun activities.

14. We recommend that you avoid sexual intimacy earlier than before 12 meetings. If you rush sex, you can lose the opportunity to develop spiritual intimacy. Your relationship may end very early.

15. If you follow our recommendations, after only three dates, you can see whether you attract each other or not.

16. If you meet somebody elsewhere, use our Relationship horoscopes. Based on the dates of birth of both potential partners you receive your personal analysis and personal analysis of the potential partner, and the overall percentage of mutual suitability. Then continue to follow our advice.

17. If you meet several potential partners at the same time, order a detailed numerological analysis and mutual comparison of pairs. Also rely on your intuition. Our method works 85%. But there are people who can never be satisfied in a relationship. They are not eligible for partnership. It can also be found due to the detailed numerological analysis during a personal consultation or via Skype. Consult at

18. We are not saying that people whose percentage of mutual suitability is below 50%, cannot be together. It is just less likely. If you are running out of time, use our method Ella, which is effective. A student has, compared to you, much greater choice and enough time. He can choose from a bigger „database“.

19. If you have experienced several unsuccessful relationships and have problems with yourselves, learn Ayurvedic technique for managing the stress. There are group and individual lessons. By increasing personal vibration you will increase the chance to meet someone.

20. If you take these tips to heart and follow our recommendations, you have a great chance to build a good and long-term relationship. Do not give up!