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The owner and operator of the website is MBA Tea Heřmánková Ph.D., based in Vilkách 512, 250 92, Šestajovice, registered in the Trade Register from March, 8 1993 at the Municipal Office Brandýs nad Labem, Id. No.:  48854484, which is in accordance with the Act. No. 121/2000 Coll., the Copyright Act, entitled to exercise property rights to this website (hereinafter referred to as the “Operator”).

The Operator owns all copyrights for all content posted by the Operator on (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”), including text, website design and all illustrations on this website, as well as the selection and arrangement of files contained on this website. Output data or any other materials from this website may not be used for commercial and business purposes, or for his own enrichment.

The rights and obligations of the Operator and the users of this website are subject to these Terms of Conditions of the website (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms and Conditions”). These Terms and Conditions shall apply to all persons who visit the Website (hereinafter referred to as “Users”). The User agrees to these Terms and Conditions by entering any of the Website of the Operator or uses any information posted on the Website of the Operator no matter how.

Description of services provided

  1. The website is aimed at bringing numerological-astrological information about a person of an authorized user of the Website. Services provided are a Dating Agency, Horoscopes, Consultation and Advice. Free services as well as paid services are provided (Premium Dating Agency, VIP service).
  2. If the user stops using paid services, he automatically becomes a regular user of unpaid services.
  3. The Dating Agency is a voluntary part of the Website and registration is not required for the use of other services of the Website. After registration in the Dating Agency, the user receives information about suggested partners/friends.
  4. The Dating Agency on the Website is intended solely for serious acquaintance or for establishing friendly relationships and not for looking for sexual amusements.

Payment terms

The user pays selected services provided under the Premium Dating Agency and Horoscopes by:

  1. Payments by bank transfer. After selecting the type of premium payment account, payment information with the payment variable symbol will be generated and also sent to the user's registered e-mail.
  2. Mobile payments - SMS. The user will be directed to pay the amount via the terminal of the company goNet Ltd., ID: 26822580. By entering into paid membership and providing payment data, the user agrees with the execution of payment.
  3. Payments by credit card Visa/Mastercard through the GP webpay payment gateway.
  4. Payments via PayPal.

Users from the Czech Republic may apply a standard bank transfer, via mobile phone (SMS), by credit card Visa/Mastercard through the GP webpay payment gateway and via PayPal.

Users from Slovakia can pay by bank transfer and by credit card Visa/Mastercard through the GP webpay payment gateway and via PayPal.

Users from abroad can pay by credit card Visa/Mastercard through the GP webpay payment gateway and via PayPal.

Personal details

  1. Key data for the calculation of the parameters of a person are mainly the date and hour of birth. Additional data that is used for detailed personal analysis and to specify the person using the services in the section Dating Agency and Horoscopes are body type, eye colour, hair colour, preference for searched partnership or friendship and other filled data within the registration.
  2. For full use of the Website services it is necessary for the user to enter their email address within the registration that is used for necessary authorization of the user account and later for sending information on appropriate persons of the Dating Agency. Furthermore, the user chooses a password that will be used along with the email address as the unique identifier of entry to the Website. The password is encrypted in the database, so no one can detect it.
  3. The data provided will be used only when providing the services offered by the Website. Within these services, information about users who have expressed interest in using the services of the Dating Agency and that are necessary to give a person wishing to make contact with the user, will be further provided to the registered users (hereinafter referred to as “those interested in getting in touch”).                   
  4. By completing the registration form, the user manifests consent to the processing of personal data. Personal data of the user is stored in the database until registration is valid.
  5. The personal information will be treated in accordance with Act No. 101/2000 Coll., on Personal Data Protection.
  6. The account can be cancelled and thus the data provided will be deleted (Home > Settings > Delete profile). If the user cancels their account, their data (date of birth, password, email and other data) will be deleted and cannot be restored. Cancellation of registration is possible up to at least sixty days after the user has registered, the reason being that some users have already received a message about a new, appropriate user for acquaintance.

User responsibilities and conditions of use of services

  1. The user undertakes to act when using the services of the Website in a way that is not contrary to the laws of the Czech Republic, morality, and these Terms. At the same time he avoids damaging the good name of the operator and other users, including the use of vulgarism against anyone.
  2. The user is responsible for the veracity of the data provided by him.
  3. The operator of the Website has the right to verify the truthfulness of the information provided by the Website user.
  4. The user is responsible for the fact that he will not use this website to promote his business and commercial activities, that he will not in any way display his phone number or email in his profile, and that he will not mention any contact information (e.g. nickname or full name) with reference to social networks, not even in a nickname on our website or in the text of the advertisement. When communicating with anyone on this website he will not use vulgar language. 
  5. The website operator reserves the right to cancel the registration of the user who breaks the law, acts contrary to good morals or these Terms. The operator also reserves the right to cancel the registration of the user who spreads negative publicity on the website, and that is for any reason. This also applies to user who uploads to the website various images or rude pictures instead of his own photo. Ads with sexual themes will also be deleted. 
  6. The operator of the Website reserves the right to refuse anyone for consultation or within the VIP Service, which means a personal interview and personal numerological analysis or searching for a partner.
  7. The operator of the Website reserves the right to perform random scan messages in order to prevent activities that are contrary to the law, good morals or these Terms.
  8. The user is responsible for the content of his profile photo, which must respect the principles of a dating website or follow the so-called Dress Code Web:
    - Photos must be clear and distinguishable, either a whole figure or portrait, but not a big whole (for example, in the photo should not be seen a car, but its owner)
    - The picture must show the user from the current time, not just a photo illustration. He should smile, he thus increases his chances of meeting someone and creating a successful relationship
    - The user should be decently dressed and well groomed in the photo (he confirms that he is interested in a serious dating)
    - The face must be clear (no shadow), from the front and the head should not be covered, the user must not wear sunglasses
    - The user must not drink alcohol in the picture or be in a situation that shows drinking alcohol
    - The user must not be photographed naked, topless, in underwear (men in vest), in bikini, or while wearing costumes
    - Photos must not be erotic, vulgar or lewd
    The operator reserves the right to refuse a profile photo or to delete it and state the reason.
  9. In case of violation of the law, as well as conduct which is contrary to good morals or these Terms and Conditions, the user's account and profile on the Website will be canceled. Unspent money from a Premium dating agency will not be returned to the user. The Operator decides about violation of the Terms and Conditions. At the same time the user agrees with placing his nickname, IP address and email on the Black list of the Website, or with stating the reason for deleting the profile.

Responsibilities of the Website operator

  1. The Website operator assumes no responsibility for the fact that any user of the Dating Agency received no message or a reply from another participant of the Dating Agency during the time they paid for. Only the processing of personal analysis based on the unique numerological-astrological methods, including adding user into the system and the possibility to use all the benefits of the Premium Dating Agency during the time paid for, is guaranteed. Other communication is exclusively dependent on the users of the Dating Agency, and it cannot be influenced in any way.
  2. Money will not be refunded due to failed communication.
  3. The operator is obliged to process personal data and information provided by the user within the payments in a way which prevents misuse of such data, using appropriate technical and organizational measures.
  4. The operator shall not be liable for any damages which are caused to users when using this Website.
  5. The operator is not responsible for the temporary inability of access of the user on this Website caused by the need of maintenance of hardware and software.

Sending Newsletter and Horoscope

  1. If the user registers on the Website or purchases a horoscope, they automatically agree with the fact that a newsletter will be sent to them, which includes current events and news regarding the Website. The feature of sending information is optional and can be turned off.
  2. To unsubscribe from receiving the Newsletter the user must inform the Website operator via the email address: In the Subject line they state: “NO NEWSLETTER” or “DO NOT SEND”, alternatively simple “NO”.
  3. If the profile of the user is cancelled within the services of the Dating Agency, the Newsletter and horoscope continue to be sent once a month. To unsubscribe from this service you need to click on the button “NO” at the bottom of the Newsletter. The system disables the person from the database. Another method of cancellation is through the email communication described in paragraph 2 of this Article.
  4. The Newsletter and horoscope for the given month will also not be sent to those users excluded for bad behaviour from the database.

Update of the Terms of use of the Website

The operator of the Website reserves the right to make changes to these Terms and Conditions whenever they want. The new version of the Terms will be effective upon its publication on the Website.