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How a dating agency works

Dating agency

Unlike other dating websites a Dating agency tries to bring together suitable couples. It is based on a mathematical method Ella which analyzes dates of birth with the help of numerology, astrology and the Tarot. It is used to select pairs that are potentially suited to each other and thus have a better chance to build a long-term relationship. With this method, dating will be much easier. You can then address recommended partner by yourself and during personal meeting you become convinced that the numbers really do not lie.
Our experience clearly demonstrated that those partners, that have been selected using the Ella method, are also attracted to each other physically for a very long time. Now is your chance! Our Dating agency will help you find the dream partner. Do not waste it, life passes by. Now it is right time for you – to meet somebody! 

Dating will be easy for you

You will know who is a good match for you and who is not. It is important for dating. Who is dominant in a relationship, who is only a “fifth wheel” or for whom a relationship is not a right thing. Results are not made-up, but revealed by a complex calculation. The basis is the date of birth. From it the way leads to the right partner or to the relationship that will make your life full of suffering. Knowing the secrets of numbers will lead you to your partner, who was meant to be with you. That's our Dating agency.
The calculated results were verified by several thousand pairs. We asked them about dates of birth and we ourselves told them if they are happy in partnership or not. The results were incredible! In more than 95 percent of cases we were right. The numbers showed us. It is apparent that some people are suited for each other more, some less. This is an opportunity to get acquainted. And we say: It depends on the date of birth, if partners are going to wage wars against each other or if they create a harmonious couple.
How to proceed? 
  • Register 
  • Create your profile, including inserting the photo
  • Place an ad describing who you are and who you're looking for 
  • Get down to dating 
  • If you want to address the selected counterparts, you need to activate a Premium dating agency
If you want more detailed instructions on how to make dating as successful as possible, open the Dating agency guide.

Tea Heřmánková